Internal audit services offered to clients include

  • Internal Audit Planning
  • Assurance and Compliance Audits
  • Strategic Audits
  • Operational and Performance Audits
  • Information Technology Audits
  • Financial audits (including grants acquittals)
  • Governance audits (including Quality Assurance Reviews of Internal Audit functions)
  • Probity audits and advice

audit planning

BYOTT’s internal audit planning process begins with obtaining a thorough understanding of an agency’s requirements. This phase is generally able to be completed quickly due to BYOTT existing knowledge of many different types of government agencies. From there, BYOTT develops a strategic three year, risk-based Internal Audit Plan (IAP) that takes into account other audit and assurance activities to identify assurance coverage gaps, minimise duplication and promote efficiencies.

assurance and compliance audits

BYOTT has developed and deployed a range of proven and best practice methodologies in the conduct of these reviews, which is augmented by stringent Quality Control and Project Management methodologies and practices.BYOTT  methodologies for internal audit reviews are fully documented and fully compliant with the International Professional Practice Framework issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors.


strategic and performance audits

BYOTT  routinely performs Strategic and Performance Audits for many of its core clientele, in addition to more compliance-focused audits. Strategic and/or performance audits are high-level examinations and evaluations of strategic management processes including measuring corporate performance against the agency’s strategy.

operational audits and program reviews

These audits and reviews are performed at a business unit level within an agency to ensure an optimal level of process performance, and conformity with agency policies and budgetary outlays. An operational audit can uncover inefficiencies in business processes, workflow, and management control frameworks.