At  BYOTT, we believe in providing our clients with the “total package.”

What this means to you, is that you will directly benefit from our commitment to taking care of your existing needs, as well as looking out for other areas that can save you time, money or stress in the future.

While we offer the same level of professional expertise and quality assurance as the bigger bookkeeping firms, we believe our clients benefit from a more comfortable environment, in which we take the time to make sure all of your questions are answered in a language that you can understand.

While we are admittedly accounting geeks, we promise to set jargon aside and keep you involved of the process every step of the way so that you understand what we are doing for you and are able to make well-informed decisions along the way.

Our small and medium sizes business clients have found this to be an approach that works for them, and we are confident that it will work for you too!


How our Advantage benefits you!

We understand that there are many choices out there when looking for a bookkeeping service, and we take earning your business very serious. Here are the Top 5 ways that BYOTT  Services differs from the competition and most importantly, how you benefit:

  1. We have more than 20 years experience working for a Chartered/Certified Financial Consultant Accounting firm – this benefits you because we are able to provide you with top-level expertise, and save you money when it comes time for the accountants to complete your corporate year end as we know exactly what they will need.
  2. Our fixed billing has your bottom line in mind – this benefits you because we offer custom plans that allow you to manage your recurring needs, without having to worry about large fluctuations in costs.
  3. We are committed to keeping you in the loop, throughout the entire process – this benefits you because we will contact you before any additional work is started to ensure you have full control over your account, knowing exactly what we are doing and why.
  4. We have dedicated staff working with you on your account – this benefits you because you will be speaking directly to the person who knows and understands your business the best. This eliminates the hassle of having to re-educate someone new on your business background/status when you deal with us.
  5. We understand that your time is valuable and your account is a top priority – this benefits you because we will clearly communicate the steps of the process and let you know when items on your account will be completed and ready for you. To go one step further, we are committed to advising you of upcoming deadlines, so that you are always informed and have adequate time to prepare.

Quite simply, we are dedicated to providing you with professional, consistent and comfortable service each and every time you deal with us. In fact, we want nothing less than your absolute confidence in being able to recommend us to a friend or colleague.